Why So Much Hate Among Blacks?!

As a young African American girl , I feel a little doubtful about the future. Doubtful for myself, doubtful for my race. I constantly, constantly read post, forums, Facebook pages, and many other related things about how Black women and Black men can’t seem to get along.  It’s in the news, on radio shows and blogs about how Black men are dating outside of their race. It is also on the news, radio shows, and blogs about how black women are angry, obese, ugly and worthless in so many ways it’s not even funny. I always ask myself, exactly how many Black women are aware of what’s said about them? And for those who do know, how do they feel knowing that many if not all of America find us, Black women, unattractive and all the other stereotypes included?

I grew up in a single mom home. Wasn’t always the happiest of times but life wasn’t too bad. I was never put in any dangerous situations, my mother never spoke badly about my father, we struggled but always got through. I like many other young women, have a dream of getting married. However, there hateful messages I have read involving Black men and women; I can honestly say I am a little afraid. I’m afraid of not being given a chance, I’m afraid of being taken for granted and having to settle for less. I and many other women know that men want to be treated like kings, loved and catered to.  They want dinner on the table at least 4-5 nights out of the week, they want to make the decisions and have the woman follow, the list goes on.  I among plenty of other black women are willing to do this. Why aren’t we taken notice of?

Are Black women really as bad as they say? Or are we just constantly associating ourselves with the wrong people? I have to say enough with the statistics and enough with the generalizing stereotypes. It does no good for our people. Any Black man or women who dates outside of their race and bashes their own people just looks really mean. Why not just move on? If black women had the same thought patterns as Black men, the Black race will decease because we are all going to be fixated on having kids outside of our race. Is that what Black men want? To get rid of the Black race? Is that what Black women want?

I am afraid to approach Black men because of the things they put out there about Black women. I’m afraid that I will get rejected by everyone or that they’ll only see me as a sex object. I don’t think we as a people are broken yet, we’re just bent. We can fix this. Maybe a smile or two from a Black woman to a Black man may fix things. Maybe an occasional hello.  There are some amazing Black women out there, I’m one of them. Sweet, docile, eager to please and ready to be put to work. But I doubt any of this will be given to a black man, they don’t want me..


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